massive illusif 2 : kritik dan otokritik

Massive Illusif : “Very big or very large that seems to be something that it is not”.

Couple days ago.. (aprox. 3 weeks estimated), my friends told me that i had a “fans” that pin point out my characteristic on a discussion in a small cafe in my faculty. In fact that this new “fans” is point out about my “not-so-good” behaviour about how am i discuss with little fellow of mine in my faculty.

In any sort term, he give a clue about someone that is very old to back to school. Yups. that’s guy that he describe is me. And what’s considering massive illusif in my term is that, what he says is an illusif in my opinion coz a trouble and troubeled thing that’s i’ve been trought is not what it’s seems to became a student (again). It’s an apologisation from me, indeed. Neverless that i had a right to defend myself though.

It’s seems that my existence as an old guy on school with my track record on any political term (and say it a little politicall -coz only in internal student goverment organisation-), with my experice and my well known (sigh..) as “pakdhe” (uncle, english red.), make my position a difficult one. Wheter i had to involved or not with the condition of my colledge or not. Wheter i had to active or pasif with that condition.

Perhaps you can say a good “senior” (hence : that what term to an older activist) is someone that not active at all with the condition of a dialecticum of a discussion about politics. Or else, should be proactive about it ? Who knows ?

Perhaps he knows that i should not intervere with it ?

Well, time will came. And i believe that some other time, i will meet with him.

ps :
1. i write it down in here, just to remaind me that sometimes good in my opinion is not good in another opinion
2. i write it down with english (and not a good one), is to learn to really2 speak up my mind in a more complex term, so i can get used to it in another time.
3. if you ask me what my feeling about it ? i’ll answer it : it’s a good critism for me. 🙂

...terbaca 88 kali...