Goodbye Mr. Gates.

This day (June, 28, 2008 GMT+07:00) a guy named Gates is moving out from his company. He’s the man that give vision about : “in every desk there’s will be a PC“. And from his words i came up with : “In the future there will be no OS. Just a web browser and web application“. And from that position, i learn about web based application. Thx Mr. Gates. for everything that you give. good nor bad. 😉

With all i do respect, eventhough i didnt agree with his concept about proprierty software, please forgive me (and perhaps a lot of my people in my country) still use your OS unaproprietely. 😀

Anyway, maybe this time i should say goodbye too with “old behaviour” to avonturier on jinggling jungle of the internet, and start my dream above. Or moreover, perhaps i should take my friends advice to move on my life and start a new advanture from this little place to a bigger one.

Neverless, it’s nice to know you (eventhough not personally), to know your history (eventhough trought movie only) and perhaps, to use your effort on the OS that mostly give a fondation of my knowledge as comparator with another ONE. 🙂

Hope you enjoy your next phase, and.. hopefully your company still develop a lot more (stable) and continued your dream (and mine too). Goodbye Mr. Gates and last but not least, once again thank you very much for good or bad thing that you do in IT world.

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