Me : Code Monkey

Do you knwo those image ? yes.. indeed. There’s a monkey and a PC and you can call it : Code Monkey. If you read these article with out clicking my link above that “Code Monkey” idiom nor clicking that monkey image, than perhaps definitly you are same with me and the definition itself. That you, and of course me is perhaps a Code Monkey.
So ? What is code monkey ?
I told you to click that link, but you didn’t did you ? Well.. i will not explain it based on the source of the image or wikipedia, but sure do, i’ll paste an opinion about it from another source :

* As any­body who’s a pro­gram­mer knows, pro­gram­ming is a highly cre­ative task, that requires good imag­i­na­tion and great prob­lem solv­ing skills. Every­body else might just see it as “typ­ing stuff on a com­puter”, and believe me, there’s a whole lot of edu­cated peo­ple who think that pro­gram­ming is a mon­key mat­ter. Hence the term “code mon­key”. This term has his­tor­i­cally been abused a lot, by even pro­gram­mers them­selves. A “code mon­key” is said to per­form a pro­gram­ming task so easy that even a mon­key could do, as the image sug­gests. There are two truths about this phe­nom­e­non: first of all, luck­ily, pro­gram­ming requires far more skills than it’s usu­ally believed; sec­ondly, and sadly, the major­ity of peo­ple just ignore it.

*) taken from :

Well.. am i wrong if i say that i’m a monkey code ? Eventhough i did’nt want to became a monkey code. Definitly not my type of works. FYI, i’m thingking about became a system analyst since my junior high school.

And.. gos darn it, i became a monkey code… (I hope you dont became like me..).

With all fully repetitive jobs and task, you can replace me with a smarter monkey one, to code you a program, that run and satisfy your need from a computer or web. With not fully learning a business process of an application, i’ve became a monkey that try to figure it out wheter or not i’m using UI as a solution or using a smarter approach on controller. And again gos darn it..

here a short list*) that perhaps you (and of course me as programmer) can came up on a little bit boring and frustrating repetition situation and condition on a software development :

  • Learn the Business : …when they say they want a “new database for every day”, they don’t actually mean a new database for every day.
  • Serve the Business : Every tradesman wants to use the latest, greatest, and most powerful tools, but rarely are they appropriate for the job. (So, PHP is not the fully one big giant solution for all web application.. right mon ?)
  • Learn Off The Job : Self-improvement is a tenet of every profession, but the place to do that is “off the job,” i.e. not while developing information systems.
  • Code mostly Business : domain spesific language please..
  • Tedium is Inescapable : Generated source code (or in my own experience is a FRAMEWORK) is not always wiser than code from the scratch.
  • …….

*) taken from : Programming Sucks! Or At Least, It Ought To

Nevertheless, even i’m a monkey code myself, and do the don’t above, but seems that my junior in my univercity seems like less monkey than i do. Wait a second.. not because they are never doing repetitive jobs nor highly creative, but unfortunetly they are had almost zero (repetitive) jobs, (you can and you suggested to remove the bracketed word) and (i hope stil had any) creativity.

Sadly and shortly stories, beside the fact that i’m a monkey code and fully repetitive (and i can assure you that i know i’m in the wrong track about it) coder, i’m little bit tired and boring to code again.

So.. fellow programmers.. can i find an enlightment for the sake of programmming itself ? Please…. help me pimp my paradigm of programmer.. PRONTO.

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